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Swim Creative | November 18th, 2016 | Advertising, All News, Campaign, Community, Digital, Interactive

It’s hard to talk banking in a time where people like big banks about as much as political pundits. But National Bank of Commerce isn’t like a big bank. It doesn’t have a corporate headquarters thousands of miles away and it doesn’t have aggressive sales goals that cause some fishy behavior.

National Bank of Commerce is a local community bank. Its board of directors live and work here.  And the great thing about being a community bank is that NBC gets to do what’s best for the community. Not what’s best for Wall Street. Their approach is simple: we’re all in this together. And that was the message we wanted to communicate in our fall/winter brand campaign.

Creative Strategy

We put the unity in community bank.

Then, we created billboards, print ads and a social media campaign that brought the focus back to our communities. To seal the deal, NBC is offering a $50 donation to a local nonprofit for every person that switches banks.


we-belong-together 15078854_891696084299383_5754664560285281050_n


All ads drove to a landing page that makes it easy to start the switch or get more information.





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