10 Things Agencies Are Thankful For

Posted November 17, 2015 by swimcreative

It’s almost Thanksgiving, so in the spirit of gratitude, we’re highlighting 10 things agencies should be thankful for. 

1. Collaborative clients    highfive3

There are plenty of ways to be a good agency partner to your clients, but we find that collaboration and mutual respect is a great start. In other words, we want to be the Goose to your Maverick.


2. Coworkers with great workplace habitsworkplacehabits

They make coffee when it’s out, properly label their files and keep their desks looking 100. Thank you for being you, tidy deskmates.


3. Productive brainstorming sessions


This is how it feels when you come up with the perfect solution for the challenge your client presented.


4. The Internet


Nothing gets you over a creative block like perusing the Internet for inspiration. Sometimes, that comes in the form of Mini Pig videos.


5. “Cookies in the kitchen” emailscookies

Or any food, really. We’re not picky.


6. Bringing your dog to work



“What’s that, boy? You think we should launch a user-generated Instagram campaign?”


7. Writing or receiving the perfect creative briefbrainstorm2

“That creative strategy. It’s just…so…beautiful.”


8. Proofreading


Because we’re all human and could use another set of eyes.  


9. When your boss is super psyched about your work

creativebrief2Not now, Brad Pitt, I’m in the ZONE.


10. Last but not least, when your agency decides to close the office so everyone can spend time with family around the holidays.


*Hugs all around*


What are you grateful for this year? Did we miss anything?

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