2021 Planning

FREE 2021 Planning for Current Clients

It’s something we’ve been very focused on these past few years: complementary touch-bases in the 4th quarter for current clients.

It’s a casual, conversational approach to annual planning that covers where clients have been, where they are and where they plan to go. Sounds basic, right? Yet these annual conversations have yielded some amazing opportunities as our clients look toward the future.

Take, for example, Mike and Jen’s Cocoa. When we sat down with them a few years ago in one of these meetings, we had just finished launching their new brand and packaging. As we talked, we realized that their website needed to incorporate the new brand. As we continued to talk about their website, we discovered that their manufacturing, warehousing and distribution (supply chain) could be leveraged to streamline wholesale ordering in the online environment. With the solutions we installed on their website, they were able to process orders in a nearly automated fashion. This enabled them to grow from twenty-something retail stores to 400 today.

Each meeting has a personality of its own and takes a path driven by what the client needs or wants to accomplish. I can say with confidence that all clients walk away with — at the very least —something to think about as they head into the new year.

Nothing is off the table. The hour is yours. We’ll talk about many different subjects and it typically yields useful insights that can be explored and, potentially, developed into strategies and tactics.

It’s that time of year already (yay! Bye-bye 2020!), so let’s get together and see what happens.

Contact your project manager and schedule an annual planning touch base or call 218-722-1404.