50 Years. 50 Brands.

Posted September 21, 2015 by swimcreativeanniversary_Graphic

August and September are amongst the most popular of wedding months. Meaning, not only is it wedding season, but it’s also anniversary season. In lieu of the standard anniversary gifts classic and modern, us Swim’rs had the idea to create our own cast of anniversary gifts beyond the expected. Since we work in advertising–we gave it a branded touch–and a realistic one.

Anniversary Classic Modern Branded Realistic
1st Paper Clocks Apple Watch You just paid who-knows-what to get married, so the first year is all about doing something cheap, but fun together. Our advice: a ticket to a local concert.
2nd Cotton China Levi’s shirt A cotton Tee in your spouse’s favorite color.
3rd Leather Crystal/Glass Fossil leather wallet New windows.
4th Fruit/Flowers Appliances Edible Arrangements basket Trip to an orchard together.
10th Tin/Aluminum Diamond Jewelry Tiffany diamond Borrow your spouse’s TIN + do your taxes.
20th China Platinum Wusthof Cutlery A car part made with platinum.
30th Pearl Diamond Mikimoto Pearls Have a fancy date night + eat oysters.
40th Ruby Ruby Garment from Ruby Dinner out at Ruby Tuesdays.
50th Gold Gold De Beers gold jewelry A celebration dinner with your family + friends.


Now that we’ve given you our ideas, send us yours.

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