7 Tips to Make Social Media Work for your Brand

Posted April 23, 2019 by swimcreativeUp your social media street cred with some simple advice on how to produce better content (and make your life easier).

Oh, social media. It’s supposed to be fun, right? I’m not sure how many times I’ve stared at a blank “What’s happening?” box on Twitter, scavenging my brain for something ingenious to post.  The anxiety of an instagram feed without a new photo in weeks creeps in. How are these other accounts coming up with such creative, original content? How do they have so many followers?

I am by no means a social media expert (more like a project management intern, who’s asking?), but maybe you’ll find something here that helps you along the way. Whether you’re posting for your business or personal account, social media is as difficult as you make it. I came up with a few do’s and don’ts to help you think differently about those little colored boxes floating around your phone.

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Don’t force it.

If you’re pacing back and forth, searching for anything to throw on your feed, it’s probably going to feel inauthentic to your audience. Remember, you don’t have to post everyday. Quality over quantity is cliche but it holds true. Original, exceptional content will come around. At the same time…

Don’t overthink it.

The perfect post doesn’t exist. In Albert Camus’ The Plague (any philosophy nerds out there?), Joseph Grand spends his entire life writing a novel, never to get past the first sentence because he just can’t get it right. Perfection can be debilitating. Trust yourself (and a proofreader) and post that sucker.

Don’t try to be something you (or your brand) is not.

Before hopping on a trendy hashtag, ask yourself, “Is this in line with what we’re all about? Is this the kind of content our audience wants to see?” Stick with stuff you’re known for, your following will appreciate it.

Do have fun and be weird.

People appreciate humor! There’s a reason everyone keeps talking about Wendy’s Twitter account, it’s hilarious. Humans are strange and absurd. Showcase your anti-robot-ness.

Do interact with your online community.

If you’re diggin’ another account’s post, let them know. Everyone appreciates getting likes, comments, and shares, but returning the favor sometimes falls by the wayside. Interaction with other profiles will almost always lead to more activity for your page.

Do post things other than work.

Showcasing your work is obviously important, but it can get repetitive. Happy hours? Office golf? This is a good opportunity to be inventive and show your followers the people behind the scenes. This makes your brand feel more personable and relatable.

Do stick to your strategy.

One of the goals of social media is to create awareness and show people what you’re good at (humble brag!). When brands spread themselves too thin, precious content is lost in the cracks. Hone in on specific audiences and channel objectives to stay on track.


Hopefully this helps you navigate the interwebs of collective communication. My advice in a nutshell? Be yourself and don’t take this stuff too seriously. Your post will never be perfect, and that’s ok.


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10 thoughts on “7 Tips to Make Social Media Work for your Brand

  1. Completely agree, thinking out of the box and getting creative with the social media post is always fun, but also challenging in a good way.

  2. You make a great point about setting goals for brands and outreach. I need to get a brand manager for logos. It would be nice to have a logo that draws attention.

  3. Great post for social media information

  4. This is totally true, and you know what, your number of page fans and followers will also matter. Even you post regularly like twice a day, and if you dont have audiences it wont work. I’ve been there. Good thing is that I have purchase some legit likes and followers from a reliable website online and was able to build my brand.

  5. Great content, love it
    Do you know if creating a Facebook event counts as a page post? I have a lot of events and a ton of content, so I consistently struggle to keep below two per day.



    1. That’s a great question! Once you create and publish a Facebook event, it will sit in the “events section” of your Facebook page. When you publish the event, you have an option to “share” the event on your Facebook page, which would then be considered a page post. Does that make sense?

  6. Keep your social media strategy easy and effective with trials and errors, and measure it from time to time. Being relevant to what you are and what you are doing is essential. People search for relevancy.

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