9 Ways to Boost Positivity While Working from Home

Posted November 23, 2021 by swimcreativeMan on computer with a calendar and to dos in background with a little dog and snacks.

Working from home has many benefits, but it’s not all peaches and cream.

Feeling isolated and in need of human interaction? Not drinking enough water or getting enough steps? We feel ya.

Thankfully, we gathered the Swim team around the virtual water cooler and brainstormed about our favorite pick-me-ups in the WFH environment.

ANNNNDDDDDD, here they are!


1. Crank the Tunes

If you know anything about Swim or follow our social, you know that we love music (check out our playlists and follow us on Spotify). So of course, number one on the list is to play your favorite music. Loud.

Forget the earbuds. It’s your office, crank it up! Or listen to the latest episode of your favorite podcast.

Either way, a little audio therapy will make your office a much happier place.


2. Take a Cuddle Break

This is one of Swim’s favorite mood boosters when working from home: the cuddle break.

Remember when you were working in the office, and someone would bring in their pet or kiddo? Remember how the entire dynamic of the office changed? Take advantage of that energy in your home office!

Wrap your little one in a hug, or grab a quick nuzzle or belly rub with a furry friend for an instant lift.


3. Chat With Your Colleagues

At Swim, we have an instant message channel called “#random,” and it’s a place designed specifically for watercooler talk.

We share memes, tell jokes and swap embarrassing stories from our past.

It’s a great way for remote teams like ours to get to know each other and get some human interaction throughout the workday.

Talk to your team about designating a channel or space to post random funny things to help you stay connected. Positivity boosted!


4. Take a Coffee Break – Whenever You Want!

Remember waiting for your turn to get that morning cup of coffee in the breakroom? Or how about when someone would leave a half cup of coffee in the pot without making more? Well not anymore!

No more forgetting to bring your favorite creamer either. Being at home means you have everything you need at your fingertips to make your favorite hot beverage!

So perk up your positivity with a little hassle-free refreshment.


5. Knock Out Some Housework

Checking off some quick household tasks can be energizing and is a great excuse to get up and move. Load up the dishwasher or change out the laundry between meetings.

Completing those little to-dos will make you feel great and it’s a perfect way to get a break from the screen.

Added bonus: You’ll have more time after work to spend time with your family or do things you enjoy, rather than catching up on chores!


6. Rock Those Comfy Pants

We’ve all been there. You didn’t sleep well, you’ve got a headache you can’t shake, or you’ve had too large of a homemade lunch and your dress pants are a little tighter than usual. For whatever reason, sometimes you just want comfy pants.

On days like those, wearing sweatpants or cozy leggings can be just the thing to start you off on a positive note.

At Swim, we’ve been known to rock the dress shirt / sweatpants combo and no one is the wiser! Except that we just told you.

Oh well, number seven!


7. Work Wherever You Want

You’re the boss when it comes to the ambience and day-to-day functions of your home office. You can make the executive decision to move your office space wherever you want in your home. Just avoid any areas of major distractions, noises, or unprofessional backgrounds during meetings or calls.

Not feeling the basement office anymore? Get creative and explore your home. Buy a room divider and move your office somewhere with better light and a window.

If you’re lucky enough to have a laptop, the WFH world is your oyster!

Need some natural light? Find a spot in your house where the rays are falling and take a seat!

It’s YOUR home office, move it where you’ll feel most energized and positive!


8. Get Active On Your Lunch Break

Working from home gives you more options for how to use your lunch. Take a yoga break or go for a walk or run.

Having access to a change of clothes and shower is a huge plus. You can get in a quick workout and then grab a sandwich and head back recharged and ready to go!

Staying active will boost your feel-good endorphins and will make everything seem a little brighter.


9. Enjoy Your Favorite Snacks

Last but not least, take advantage of your favorite snacks. It’s easier than ever to munch on your preferred healthy snacks since you have an entire fridge-worth of space to keep fruit, yogurt and veggies. So nourish your body and boost your mood with a healthy snack!

And of course, it’s ok to dig into your reserve of leftover Halloween candy from time to time. No judgement.

Sometimes, you’ve gotta go for it.


Try It Out!

Take your pick and give our mood-boosters a try. Leave a comment and let us know how they work for you!

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