Bake Up a Good Social Media Strategy

Posted September 16, 2014 by Swim Creative Staff

Amber Ooley is our Media Strategist, aka Socialista. She’s worked on social media campaigns for several brands including the Duluth International Airport and National Bank of Commerce. On top of that, she keeps Swim’s social media on track.

I’m the Socialista at Swim, but I’m also a damn good baker. People always ask how I make such great goodies—and my answer is simple.

I test out different recipes until I find the perfect one.

This same strategy aligns itself with social media tactics and best practices, too. The main objective of social media for any business is to gain brand evangelists and build engagement. So, how exactly do you figure out the type of content that grabs attention and keeps people coming back again and again? You try out different social recipes.

Here are the ingredients to build an effective social strategy:

  • Know your brand’s voice, message and goals.
  • Layout a timeline for at least six months.
  • Post two to three times/week—relevant, educational, informational, trending and cultural tidbits.
  • Follow up and maintain comments.
  • Check your insights—time of day, demographics, post engagement, etc.
  • Re-evaluate and refine every few months.

Once you have a strategy nailed down, raise exposure:

  • Spend a little dough on paid advertising. Pair routine posts with promoted posts.
  • Blend your presence with strong copy and vibrant photos.
  • Post when your followers are looking.
  • Measure engagement carefully. Who likes your content? What content gets the most love?
  • Encourage your fans to share the goodies with their friends. The more shares, the more shows.

At the end of the day, the number of likes, shares and comments boil down to how awesome your social strategy really is. If your social media is lacking striking copy, eye-catching graphics, or engagement with your audience—no one is going to seek it out or request it again.

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