Behind the Scenes: UWS Video

Posted March 15, 2017 by swimcreative

And…action. Over two days, our production team, the University of Wisconsin-Superior marketing team and a gaggle of student and staff talent ran around UWS gathering footage for two 30-second videos. Despite the tight timeline, we managed to click a behind-the-scenes pic or two.


Track Shot

The goal: we needed our student hero to run toward the camera without running into it. Instead of making our videographer run backward, trust us, we were tempted, he hopped up on a utility cart. Then, our art director pulled the cart while our talent ran and cheered and clanged. We got the shot! And our videographer only teetered once.



All the Coffee, Please

Our videos called for excessive amounts of energy. Not an easy task at 8am. With some help from caffeine and good spirits, we produced the peppiest room of people you’ve ever seen.




One scene involved conducting an experiment. The stage was set when we arrived, and of course, we were curious about our props. Spread across the lab table were two beakers full of clear liquid. These were an acid and a base, which when combined would cause a reaction. There were beakers filled with beautifully colored liquids, as well. What were these chemicals, exactly? Turns out, Kool-Aid.



We’ve Got Spirit

To add some spirit, we gathered up as much Yellowjacket gear as possible. Since we couldn’t get our hands on a confetti cannon, our senior copywriter cut up shreds of yellow paper and threw them into the air during shoots.



Lights, Camera, Lights

Besides the track scene, every room required a different lighting setup. To add a more dramatic finish to the last shot of the freshmen video, we lit up the face of our actress. While it looked cool on film, it meant a bright light in her face for some time. What a good sport!



Thanks to our crew, the UWS marketing team and the gung-ho talent, our videos went off without a hitch. Check out the final videos here.

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