Best Fake Ad Agency Ever

Posted April 5, 2016 by swimcreative

Last Friday, we presented our brand new name and look: Designs by Patrice.

Turns out, we were pulling your leg in the honor of April Fools’ Day. Despite it being a joke, it was a labor of love and lots and lots of laughs.

The idea popped up sometime last year when several of our team members were joking about changing our name. We all loved Designs by Patrice. Last week, a few creatives got together and brainstormed a few fake clients, DBP’s specialties and some fake ads. Without touching Comic Sans, we created a website, capturing everything ad nerds love to hate on: too many fonts, puns, large logos, and random Yosemite Sams crossing the screen.

All in all, we had made a hilarious website and portfolio that gave people’s nieces a run for their money. We hope you enjoyed looking it over as much as we enjoyed making it.

If you missed it, you can still view it here.

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