Beyond the Business Card: Creating A Culture Around Your Brand

Posted April 11, 2017 by swimcreative

Turning Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Your best promoters are standing right in front of you: your employees. When they enjoy the place they work, they’re more apt to share that love with others. No matter the industry, here are some fun ways to inspire that pride—and spread it.

Branded Clothing

A simple way to get some awareness outside the office walls. Bonus points if they’re comfortable.

Start—and Share—Traditions

Little traditions, such as making popcorn or shamrock shakes, basically anything food-related, are a winner. If it’s something you do annually, like our Shorts Against Winter, send out a press release about it. You never know when the news is having a slow day.

Stretch Breaks

Taking a break from your computer screen is good for your health. Ask science. At Swim, we ring a bell every hour and those who want to can get up and stretch, blink their eyes a few times and revive their creativity.

Happy Hours

Sometimes, your job isn’t suited for fun activities in the office. Then take it outside. A simple happy hour after work builds comradery and helps you figure out what to gift someone at the next holiday exchange.

Birthday Lunches

We like to take the whole crew out and buy lunch for whoever was born that month. Plus, at a restaurant, everyone can get their way.

Look Beyond Job Titles

Not just creatives can be creative. Be open to everyone’s ideas. You never know when the HR manager will come up with your next big business idea.

Dole Out the Awards

Whether it’s “Hardest Worker” or “Best Salsa Maker,” little tokens of appreciation go a long way. Better yet, nominate co-workers for awards. Good feelings all around.

Send More GIFs

They’re fun, fast and can say a lot in an email. Just don’t get too distracted searching for them.

Have some culture-building ideas of your own? Send them our way.  

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