Bringing Bingo to the Super Bowl

Posted February 1, 2017 by swimcreative

One of our favorite things about the Super Bowl is eating nachos and critiquing the commercials. Even those not in the ad industry can appreciate watching some ads flop and others score during game breaks.

After all, this is where the biggest brands face off and fight for eyeballs and tweets.

To make this Sunday’s sporting event even better (and more competitive), we’ve created Big Game Bingo. We’ve predicted people, places and things you might see in big game ads based on years past, and 2017 teasers.

How to play:

  1. Download this PDF
  2. Print and share with your friends (we created six different variations)
  3. Cross things off as you see them
  4. Five in a row = BINGO!

Get social with us:

We’d love to see your boards and plates full of apps!

Share your photos with us by tagging @swimcreative and #biggamebingo. Or simply follow along on Twitter as we share play-by-play feedback on the commercials the brands are bringing to the Big Game.

May your favorite team — or brand — win the Big Game!

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