Brand Innovation Is No Joke

Posted April 3, 2014 by swimcreative

Brands have been messing with people on April Fool’s Day for quite some time. In the early 80s, BMW put out an advertisement for a sunroof that could be kept open even when it rains by blasting air upwards. People were told to contact the marketing department’s “Miss April Wurst” for more information.

However, since the Internet has gotten in on April Fool’s Day, there has been an explosion of jokes. The most enduring and popular gags are the introduction of fake products. While most of the product ideas are pretty silly, some are weirdly brilliant.

Companies and brands are already starting to see the opportunity in front of them. It is the perfect day to test the wildest product ideas out on the masses without having to worry about finances or side effects.

It is all just a joke after all. If no one likes it, no one likes it. In our day of social engagement with customers, companies can get truthful responses and opinions from their target market.

April Fool’s also speaks to what is possible when creative minds are given no constraints. Some ideas may stink, some might be impossible, but some ideas might be pure gold.

For example, last year Mini Cooper introduced a fake caravan camper. Customers responded ecstatically and the company has actually now produced three different camper concepts.

This means exciting things for those products companies are too nervous to actually make. As brands start to realize the power of testing products on April 1st, the day is going to completely change what comes out in the marketplace.

Who knows what 2014 April Fool’s products will become reality next year? Will it be Mood Match by Redbox or Edibox by Domino’s? Personally, I’m rooting for the latter.

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