Bringing a Good Cause to the Community

Posted November 2, 2016 by swimcreative

Being the new kid in town is always a tad overwhelming. How do you introduce yourself? How do you connect with like-minded people, without stepping on any feet? Dementia Friendly Duluth faced the latter question as it prepared to introduce itself to Duluth. The initiative to support those affected by Dementia through community awareness needed to break into the community in a memorable way that clearly communicated purpose. Nothing too over-the-top. Just a warm welcome to an idea that benefits all of us.

But how do you give an important new initiative the space and attention it deserves?

Plan. Plan. Plan.

We concocted a thorough PR plan, and then went after it. Our team developed a media invite, media alert, press release and press kit weeks before the launch. Each part was sent out at a strategic time, with the press kit was made available on Dementia Friendly Duluth’s website. To ensure success, we made follow-up calls to all news outlets.

Our persistence paid off. The kickoff press conference was filled to the brim with interested community members. Dementia Friendly Duluth was the opening story on not one but two news stations in town and on the front page of the Duluth News Tribune. To say the least, Duluth is one big step closer to becoming a Dementia Friendly Duluth.

dfd_showcase_01 dfd_showcase_02 dfd_showcase_03 dfd_showcase_04 dfd_showcase_05 dfd_showcase_06

Duluth Launches Effort to Address Growing Dementia Cases – WDIO

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