Posted December 1, 2020 by swimcreative

Duluth might not have as many celebrities as Los Angeles, and we sure don’t have a Hollywood sign, but we have our own bounty of appeal and talent. Stunning geography? Check. Creative community? Check. Lights? Camera? Action? Check – well, nearly. Catalyst Story Institute is making that last part happen. They host an annual content festival in Duluth to connect indie content makers with their industry peers and celebrate the stories they create. To make this production possible, Catalyst cast Swim in the role of creating supporting materials, including an event poster and a comprehensive program guide for the festival. To reach beyond the silver screens of the festival, in partnership with the Upper Minnesota Film Office, Swim also designed an extensive production guide that connects content makers with people and resources in Northeastern Minnesota. Catalyst’s festival elevates our area’s reputation and economy, and sparks the interest of film producers and writers from all over the country. Who knows, maybe your next favorite series will be filmed in your favorite hillside city – Duluth!