CoSchedule: A Content Marketer’s Best Friend

Posted May 4, 2016 by Swim Creative Staff

Do you believe in love at first site (visit)? We do.

We recently found the perfect partner in content: CoSchedule. Between spreadsheets, Google Docs, project management systems and WordPress, we needed something to smooth out our content process.

With CoSchedule, everything we need to manage our content is located in one platform and the entire team can easily jump in and keep the content train rollin’ on.

What is CoSchedule?

Everything from scheduling posts to tracking which ones succeed, CoSchedule is an all-in-one marketing calendar that brings your content and social media in the same place. It’s your unified marketing calendar of record.

With the WordPress plugin, you can save a ton of time and grow your traffic by scheduling social media promotion while you blog. It’s so smart. It’s so easy. It’s so…okay, fine. We’ll take it down a notch.


Why should you use it?

As the sole content manager at Swim, CoSchedule has saved me countless hours planning, scheduling and hitting internal deadlines.


My favorite feature is the drag-and-drop calendar.

Let’s face it, client work always takes priority over Swim work so we don’t always get to polishing up our own content masterpieces. *sigh*

CoSchedule makes it simple to move blog posts and social shares to another date, with the drag of a mouse.

True story: I was heading out of the office for a week-long vacation and a three-day conference. I was able to schedule two week’s worth of content ahead of time so neither me nor my team had to worry about whether Swim was sharing content while I was away.

In the case that content were to change, one of our copywriters could take over and change the schedule while I was away. Saving everyone on the team from a big headache—and keeping me in a vacay state of mind.

My next favorite feature is the “top posts” section, where you can reminisce with old content and learn which topics resonated best with your audience. Then, you can repurpose it—also known as evergreen content.

At Swim, we’ve also found that our content workflow has improved significantly with CoSchedule. This platform allows us to assign tasks (such as writing or proofing) to each piece of content, which means our entire team can easily access and use the platform to get content out the door.

In addition to scheduling your blog content, you can schedule social shares and track how the posts are doing right within the platform!


At Swim, we’re big on creating stuff that works and with CoSchedule, we’re able to see how many times each post was shared on a variety of social channels. We can also connect to Google Analytics for a deeper understanding of our users’ paths to and from each piece of content. Pretty awesome, huh?

Interested in seeing if CoSchedule is right for you and your team? Watch this video for a tour of the platform, and when you’re ready to test it out, click here to sign up for your free trial and let us know what you think.

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