Dog Food Branding: An Agency’s Dream

Posted September 22, 2016 by swimcreative

We love dogs. We know, we know. Everyone does. But we love them more. So when a Two Harbors-based company that makes dog food, nutritional supplements and health aids came to us for branding, packaging and web development, we couldn’t contain our excitement. We were like dogs without leashes.

First, a little background. In the past, Canicore has helped racing dogs and working dogs stay healthy and performing at their peak with everything from a healing salve to a product called Firm-A-Stool. No explanation needed.

When Canicore’s founders came to Swim, they wanted to expand their product offerings and create a brand that would reach a wider audience: An audience that loves dogs and would do anything to take care of them—without having to spend a bajillion dollars on kibble. The audience is us, guys. It’s us.

With a little insight from the founders and some research of our own, we found dog brands with million dollar marketing budgets could buy all the buzzwords and marketing speak they wanted, but they couldn’t buy quality. Canicore was the answer. By working closely with dogs who work their hardest, Canicore came to understand what helps and what hurts dogs–and created products around total health.

Our work began with a full brand exploration and identity system. We wanted logos that clearly and simply laid out what Canicore and its sub-brands, Canine Health Forward, Upland Armor and 10 Squared Racing, are about.

For Canine Health Forward, we relied on bright colors and icons to further emphasize the brand’s active side and its commitment to transparency.


Upland Armor is all about protecting the active hunting dog against the elements so the look was a bit rugged than the others.


10 Squared Racing creates products for champion sled dogs, which meant speed and agility needed to come across in the logo and identity.


Take a look for yourself.





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