Case Study: Duluth International Airport’s Spring Campaign

Posted November 4, 2014 by Swim Creative Staff


The Duluth International Airport (airport code DLH) traces its origins back to 1929, when it had two short runways covered with … sod. In 2013, DLH proudly opened the doors to its brand spanking new terminal.


Leverage the news of the new terminal as a point of civic pride and in doing so, attract more travelers to the airport—travelers who might normally fly out of the Twin Cities.


The new $78 million terminal, designed by RS&H Architects, is a sleek, beautiful portal to the city. Swim used the airport itself as the heroic visual image of the campaign, and in doing so tapped into the joy and wonder of flying. Through print, radio, digital, social and promotional events, the “isn’t flying cool?” vibe came through, inviting people to a travel experience that alluded to the glory days of flight while at the same time conveying the benefits of a next generation travel experience.


Since the campaign launched in the spring of 2014, flights out of DLH have increased by 2.5%.



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