Everything Delicious: the Cook County Co-op Website

Posted December 21, 2016 by swimcreative

With a gorgeous new building, Grand Marais’ Cook County Co-op needed a website to match. Hello, Swim! Our recent work with the Duluth Whole Foods Co-op and rich working history with the North Shore made us the perfect partner.

The Co-op’s new store invited people in with bright colors and fresh produce. Its website needed to do the same. As we redesigned the website, we put a focus on a simpler, more user-friendly experience. One that highlighted regularly changing popular content like Co-op Deals, deli specials and hours of operation. We also incorporated WordPress, a content management system (CMS), that gave employees more control over content on the site. Bulk items are now easily found through a PLU search—and the Co-op site works great on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Meaning, easier access to wholesome food for all. How tasty is that? preview-full-cookcountycoop_mac preview-full-cookcountycoop_products


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