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Posted August 19, 2014 by swimcreative

The advertising agency landscape is a pretty jam-packed affair. The food chain runs the gamut from the massive holding-company, globo-network agencies to the lone freelancer who got sick of agency life and said, “hey, why not?” Invariably, there’s the perfect agency for every client, the agency who’s ideas and ideals match your own. But where are they? In your market? In your state? In your time zone?

At Swim, we’ve had great relationships with clients here in America’s Coolest City and outside of our market. The local thing is easy enough to understand—proximity is great for collaboration. But how do you export that awesomeness? How do you develop the strong agency/client relationships that are the foundation of great work when separated by time and distance? And how do we maintain the cultural hallmarks of an everyday relationship? And if you’re keeping score, that is eight question marks so far. Wha? Make that NINE!

So, here’s the answer: we overdo it. We don’t take anything for granted. We keep the lines of communication open. We abuse the crap out of Uber Conference. And we come to see you whenever you want us to. In the last year alone, we’ve cranked out work for peeps from sunny North Carolina to the frozen tundra of Alaska, from the suburbs of Ohio to the big wigs in D.C.

In the 21st century marketplace, there is no excuse for not finding the perfect fit for you, whether it is the perfect employee, the perfect partner or the perfect agency. Don’t settle for “close” when what you want is “great.”

Now, we’re not saying that Swim is the perfect agency for everybody. But we’re willing to bet that, if you are reading this, we’re the perfect agency for you.

Unless you’re a jerk burger. In which case, never mind.


Photo Credit: Port City Supply

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