Hot Agency Summer!

Posted May 19, 2023 by swimcreative

4-day Workweeks Mean Boosted Productivity + Work-Life Balance

May 19, 2023

Summer in Duluth, Minnesota is like a rainbow – it’s shimmering and glorious. But gone before you know it. 

That’s why Swim has decided to smell the proverbial flowers this summer and transition to 4-day workweeks. Much research and discussion went into this decision and we can’t wait to bring our fresh energy to our clients and their goals this summer.

Hot Agency Summer timeframe:  

May 26 – Sept 4, 2023


This new summer policy means that Swim employees can complete their work Monday through Thursday, while still receiving full-time salary and bennies. Um, how neat is that? We think it’s pretty neat. 

We believe that this change will increase productivity, reduce burnout, improve retention and help attract the industry’s best talent.

So, what does the Swim staff think? Hmm, only a lot.

Sure the staff are on board, but what do the bosses think?

Let’s hear from Swim Creative CEO and Creative Director, Patrice Bradley:

“Moving to a four-day workweek for the summer is a big step and one that we didn’t take lightly. We know our employees will fully appreciate the extra time to pursue their passions and hobbies and to spend valuable time with their families during our short summer months. We’re confident that our staff will return on Mondays fully recharged and ready to produce the exceptional work that our clients know and expect.”

Ok, but what does Swim Creative Partner and Brand Director, David Sadowski think? 

“Stop asking questions and get back to work!” 

(Ok, Dad.)

And no matter what, clients are No. 1

Of course, clients are still our number one priority and we’re committed to making the transition to the 4-day workweek as smooth as possible. We’ll continue working hard and living our mission of providing innovative and effective marketing solutions. 

Here at Swim, we’re used to being a leader in the creative industry, and that includes promoting a healthy work-life balance and creating a positive impact for both our team and our clients.

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