How Are We Doing? Checking in on Our 2015 Resolutions.

Posted October 13, 2015 by swimcreative2015-resolutions

We’ve passed the midyear mark. It’s time to face the music and ask ourselves, “How many New Year’s resolutions can we cross off the list?” Let’s start with a recap.

Our goals for 2015:

1. Be featured in Communication Arts

2. Partner with clients that inspire us

3. Bring another dog on board

4. Try some gin

5. Increase our Facebook likes by 10%

Survey says: not too bad. While our fridge remains 80% IPA, we have ventured out and tried gin. Our local distiller, Vikre, is a Swim favorite. As for the rest of our goals, here’s where we stand.

1. Have we made it into Communication Arts? Mark this one as, “In Progress.” We have a couple projects we’re pretty dang proud of, but they’re not ready for the limelight quite yet. Stay tuned.

2. Did we partner with clients that inspire us? Consider that a resounding, “Yes.” As our client list grows, so do our hearts. We have the fortunate opportunity to work with brands we admire; brands that are doing great things for their customers and community.

3. Do we have more dogs? Sure do. With all the recent hires, we’ve added a few new furry faces to the bunch.


4. Check.

5. Oh, and that Facebook goal? Nailed it. Turns out they like us. They really like us.

Overall, we’re feeling pretty great about these goals, which means it’s time to set new ones.

What will we focus on for the rest of 2015?

1. Train for Grandma’s Marathon (this one’s for the runners of Swim)

2. Bringing back ideas from national conferences like CMWorld and the Brand New Conference

3. Instead of just focusing on likes, we’re aiming for more engagement. (Who’s joining us for #faveteefriday?)

What are your goals for the rest of the year?

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