How to Improve Your Brand During the Pandemic

Posted April 15, 2020 by David Sadowskiocean with red dots and copy reading, Pause. Reflect. Plan

We’ve all learned some hard lessons from this pandemic. But it’s important to recognize the opportunities we’re given, even in the midst of pandemic fatigue.

One opportunity you may not have thought of is:  Now is a good time to pause, reflect on your brand and plan for where you want to be when the pandemic ends. 


Of course the “end” of the pandemic is a moving target. But as it winds on, you can take this time to push the reset button and make a plan for how you you will continue to change. Here are the steps you can follow today to make sure your business is ready tomorrow.

Reflect on the past

Take a step back and think about what you always imagined your brand to be. During this time, take a look at your policies, processes and marketing. See what might have gone off track in terms of your brand. Then make the necessary changes to get your brand back in alignment.

It’s time to think about your work model. Businesses and employees have gotten used to a new way of working. More businesses than ever before were forced to embrace remote work environments. Many efficiencies were gained, as well as some challenges. Now is the right time to evaluate your past and current work models and decide whether you want to stay remote, or if you’d like to implement a hybrid model.

Adjusting to a hybrid model (or any new model for that matter) may be tricky at first. With a remote or hybrid arrangement, remember to be flexible. Allow your team to be able to do what it takes to get the job done.

In terms of marketing, stay focused on connecting with your customers rather than hard selling. For months, people watched TV hosts and celebrities doing shows from their own homes and saw them through a much more personal lens. Audience expectations have shifted. People want authenticity now more than ever from their brands. 

Adapt to the present

During this time, you need to think about how you can engage with your customers. Some people are comfortable shopping in-person while others are still buying online. Figure out a way to continue to communicate with your customers  and meet them where they’re at. Demonstrate how you bring value to their lives during this fluctuating situation.

Utilize your email list and social media outlets to help you stay connected with your audience. No matter what demo you’re speaking to, remember these are individual and each of them is handling the pandemic in a different way according to their personal preference. Email and social media are great ways to speak to all your customers – including those who aren’t ready to shop in-person. And don’t forget to harness the power of video when you can.

Plan for the future

People and businesses are trying to rebound from the financial hit that was 2020. Cost is still an important factor as people and companies try to climb out of the hole we were in. Help your customers understand how they can save money or how your product can help them save money. Look for ways to keep your costs down so you can pass those savings on to your customers.

Continue to embrace creative thinking in your business. The world is a different place now and it is still evolving. No one can predict all of the changes that lie before us. Customers will come to you with new challenges and you have to be able to adjust to those changes.

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