Insta Gratification: 4 Reasons Instagram is Best

Posted June 3, 2016 by Swim Creative Staff

Taylor Bjork is a designer and photographer at Swim Creative. When not working, he can be found collaborating with fellow designers at Stack Prints and sharing his perspective of the world via @taylorbjork.

Over 200 million people are on Instagram daily. That means that everyone and their dog has an account (literally, check out @tunameltsmyheart). It’s a great way to share quick, easily digestible content. It’s also my all-time favorite social media platform, and here are four reasons why:


Insta is great because of the community it brings together. It’s not a closed environment like Facebook where you have to know everyone to see their content. It’s not text-based like Twitter. It’s an open community where anyone in the world can follow and interact with your photos. I’ve made several friends from just following each other’s work.



Because Instagram is so popular, brands are flocking to it as a different way to engage with their consumers. They can now snap a quick behind-the-scenes photo of what’s going on in their shop, cluing the consumer in on new products, how things are made or upcoming events.



As a designer, this is the most important aspect to me. Instagram seems to be the only social media platform that is meant to put text in the back seat and let the photo drive. The old saying that a photo is worth a thousand words is true, so let the photo do the talking.



Unlike Facebook, which regurgitates the same content and puts it in front of your eyes over and over again, Instagram is nothing but fresh content. Think about it: you post a photo on a Tuesday, and later that night it’s buried in everyone’s feed, a week later it’s unlikely it’ll ever be viewed again. It’s a guaranteed way to spew out fresh content that doesn’t become stale.


Those are my two cents on why Instagram’s my go-to social site. Agree? Disagree? Let me know.

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