It Takes Collaboration to Build a Community.

Posted January 12, 2016 by swimcreative

If you haven’t heard, Swim’s pretty big on ethics. We live by this code: Be good. Do good. Tell the truth. Live responsibly. Only be amazing.

And take care of your community.

Being a growing agency in a growing city, we understand it’s going to take collaboration to do this right. Everyone will have a role to play. Ours? Promoting the organizations that align with our ethics and are committed to the westernmost point of Lake Superior. Through all of our actions, we can help shape the city we love into a city everyone around the world loves, too.

We’ve already seen some awesome partnerships.

Swim + Good Deeds

The last few years, we’ve dedicated time to the most dedicated of all—nonprofits. The amazing work that Life House, One Roof Community Housing and the Victory Fund do not only impact individuals’ lives, but our larger community as well.

Swim + The Arts

To give Duluth an edge, our art scene must thrive. Working alongside our city’s extraordinary symphony, we had the opportunity to create art to promote art, infusing our already awesome music scene with a renewed sense of depth and fervor.

Swim + Movers & Shakers

When you think catalyst for growth in our community, look no further than National Bank of Commerce. They have proven time and time again they’re no Behemoth Bank, but a place centered on making more possible for the people of our area. NBC is an avid supporter of the arts, nonprofits and anything good for our city.

Swim + Beer

Who would have thought a beer could brew up so much good. Not only does Bent Paddle sponsor and support numerous Duluth outdoor groups, their brewery has brought new life into the West End. They have been a regional gamechanger—and a palate pleaser.

These few are only a drop in the bucket. Our region is chock-full of businesses and organizations following our ethics. We love working with them and hope to continue building up brands that propel Duluth further.

What community gamechanger do you want to give a shout out to?

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