Swim Creative Sees Increased Trademark Violations of Aerial Lift Bridge™

Posted April 1, 2023 by swimcreative

Duluth ad agency Swim Creative issues a stern reminder that it is the official trademark holder of the Aerial Lift Bridge™. 

In 2014, after a lengthy application process with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Swim Creative was awarded official trademark rights to the historic structure.

It has been many years since approval was received and many cease and desist letters have been issued since then. Yet, improper usage persists and must be rectified. 

Please educate yourself on how the trademark is to be used by reviewing the identity guidelines and press release below. The Aerial Lift Bridge™ must be trademarked when written, photographed, drawn, painted or spoken. Permission must be given by Swim Creative before use. 

Swim Creative is currently in the process of applying for the official trademark of the iconic Ma Bell Tower in downtown Superior, WI. Watch for that exciting announcement, most likely on April 1, 2024.