Meet Our Gold Medal Team

Posted August 9, 2016 by swimcreative

The Swim Team is an unconventional and bright bunch.

We’ll all be at our bash, The Cannon Ball, on August 11 at Clyde Iron Works, so here’s your chance to get to know us a bit better.


The Swim Team Roster


Patrice Bradley


Position: Founder / Fearless Leader

Nickname: P

Water Sport: Swimming


David Sadowski


Position: Creative Director / Branding Extraordinaire

Nickname: Dave

Water Sport: Sea Turtle Surfing Biathlon


Ben Luoma


Position: Director of Interactive / Jokester

Nickname: Benji

Water sport: “That parachute game from elementary school gym class with lifeguards, sharks, and swimmers. I was so good at that game!”


Pete Sahlberg


Position: Web Developer / Bocce Captain

Nickname: Petey

Water sport: Diving


Cody Paulson


Position: Senior Art Director / Pokémaster

Nickname: The Redheaded Wonder Child

Water sport: Water Skateboarding


Jacey Kufahl


Position: Designer / Outdoorswoman

Nickname: Jay-Z

Water sport: Underwater Rock Climbing


Taylor Bjork


Position: Designer / Poké Apprentice

Nickname: Bjork

Water sport: Deep Sea Designing


Bill Nelson


Position: Account Manager / Secret Award-Winning Actor

Nickname: BN

Water sport: Beer Pong


Jenna Kowaleski


Position: Account Manager / Construction Worker

Nickname: Colloquialism Queen

Water sport: “I’m in for the Synchronized Swimming. Or drowning. It’s a bit ambiguous.”


Talyn Riedesel


Position: Copywriter / Unintentional Comedian

Nickname: Top Shelf

Water sport: Water Trampoline


Gia Bellamy


Position: Copywriter / Awesome Samaritan

Nickname: Geeg

Water sport: “I like water when it’s frozen. And in a cube shape. And in a drink. My water sport is drinking.”


Amber Ooley


Position: Digital Strategist / Speedy Gonzales

Nickname: Socialista

Water sport: Rowing


Tanner Blaschka


Position: Marketing Analyst / Salsa Chef

Nickname: TanMan

Water sport: Drinking


Danielle Enga


Position: Digital Intern / Swimtern

Nickname: No Desk Dani

Water sport: The Salmon Waterfall Leap


Kevin Cain


Position: Traffic Manager / Star Wars Anthropologist

Nickname: Kevin (he wouldn’t allow anything else)

Water sport: “Since I can’t swim too good and can’t tread water, I will have to make up the sport of Plant Watering. I heard the Russians have already been kicked out of it due to steroids.”


Jason Anderson

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 2.58.58 PM

Position: Bookkeeper / Swim Coach

Nickname: Dustin

Water sport: Lifeguarding


Mary Hauser


Position: Project Manager / Organization Ninja

Nickname: Basecamp Mary

Water sport: Lazy River Float


Max Hutchens


Position: Project Manager / Bocce Ace

Nickname: Clutchens

Water sport: Canoe Slalom

Take a look at some of the work this team has created over the years.

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