Minneapolis Egotist: Bent Paddle Branding

Posted May 14, 2014 by swimcreativePaddle Break Blonde

If you’re big into beer like us, you’ve probably seen Bent Paddle popping up here and there at local liquor stores.

Duluth-based Swim Creative are the masterminds behind the branding. And as Swim Creative puts it, “Bent Paddle had quite the challenge. Distinguish themselves as a great microbrewery in an already bustling beer region. They wanted wood meets metal. Our answer was meshing that mentality with a design and direction that stood out on the shelf and spoke to both beer lovers and locals. What are the results? After nine months, the company is already at the seven-year mark in their business plan. Their newest challenge? Keeping up with demand.”

It’s nice spreading some love to our friends in the north…

via Bent Paddle Branding | themplsegotist.com

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