New Hours, Who Dis?

Posted May 28, 2024 by swimcreative

4-day workweeks are back at Swim

May 28, 2024

Deep green forests, clean blue water and a warm (unsalted) sea breeze blowing through your hair – oh yeah, summer is here in Duluth! With the change of season comes a change in working hours for your favorite creative agency. Yes, you heard it here first: Swim Creative will once again move to a 4-day workweek in the summer of 2024!

Swim Summer Hours 2024

Monday – Thursday, 8AM – 5PM

May 31, 2024 – September 2, 2024

Productivity + Rest = Good Work/Life Balance

After a successful and productive adoption of the 4-day week in 2023, the leadership team at Swim is excited to implement these summer hours again in 2024.

“We found that productivity actually increased and team members were healthier, happier and spent more time with their friends and family enjoying the region and all that it has to offer.”

CEO Patrice Bradley

“Having a four-day workweek in the summer months is another benefit to working at Swim Creative. After a long winter, we encourage our staff to get out and play in northern Minnesota. Live like a tourist, we tell them!”

David Sadowski, Partner and Brand Developer

What are we doing with our free time?

Oh, we’re glad you asked.

“I am excited to have an extra day to party and go on trips!”

Emily Aarsvold

“I’m looking forward to having coffee on my deck and hitting rummage sales with my daughter. Keeping it simple.”

– Kevin Cain

“I’m going to get tan.”

Stephanie Dunaiski

“I’ll probably be working anyways.”

– Pete Sahlberg

“Wait, you guys are getting Fridays off?”

Jordan Woods

Clients come first.

While we are excited for long weekends this summer, quality client work is always the top priority. This year, we’re implementing an “on-call” system to ensure that work can still get done if needed. Half of the team will check emails and be on standby every other Friday during the summer.

Swim stays on the leading edge of innovation within the creative industry. We promote a healthy work/life balance while ensuring our clients are taken care of, and then some.

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