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Posted February 1, 2016 by swimcreative

If you’re like the Swim Team, you watch the “Big Game” for two things: nachos and commercials. Even those not in the ad industry can appreciate watching some ads flop and others hit home during game breaks. After all, this is where the biggest brands face off and fight for eyeballs and tweets.

To make this Sunday sporting event even better (and more competitive), we’ve created Swim’s Sportsball Ad Bingo. We’ve predicted people, places and things you might see in big game ads based on years past, and 2016 teasers. The first people to spot these common advertising trends, cross them off and send us a picture of their winning board will receive a special prize. Simply bring our Swim Sportsball Ad Bingo Cards (download here) and taco dip to your party for one heckuva Sunday. (Don’t forget the taco dip.)

You’re welcome.

Here’s what you’re playing for: gear and goods from Duluth Homebrew Supply.


Cross off a tile (or cover it in guacamole) when you see any of these common advertising trends during the big game on Sunday, February 7. The first three winners will get a special Swim prize and the glory of yelling, “BINGO!” at the top of their lungs.

To enter your winning card, tweet, Instagram or Facebook a photo of your bingo board with #sportsballadbingo & @swimcreative. Must have five in a row in any direction to win.

*Remember* The first three bingos take home prizes, so speed and attention are your best buds.

Questions? Tweet @swimcreative.

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