Podcasts We’re Listening to in 2017

Posted January 26, 2017 by swimcreative

Someone once said, “When you don’t have time to sit, turn your ears to a podcast.” Ok, we totally made up the quote, but it sums up nicely what we firmly believe. Sometimes, sitting down to read gets a bit… impossible.

Thank goodness for podcasts. They help us get lost in an abundance of worlds and ideas. Through podcasts, we learn new things, we’re compelled to act, we delve into someone else’s perspective. All while we’re multi-tasking, or just taking a long walk along Lake Superior.

Here are few we’d recommend:

The original: This American Life

To learn something new: TEDTalks

To gain a new perspective: 99% Invisible

LOL-worthy: WTF with Marc Maron

Because we’re fans of the Great Outdoors: The Outside Podcast

When you need to feel all the emotions: Terrible, Thanks for Asking*

For those with history minors they can’t use: Stuff You Missed In History Class

Very, very creepy storytelling: The Darkest Night*

If you want to laugh and laugh and laugh: Two Dope Queens*

For competitive listeners: Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me!

Unflinchingly honest and empathetic conversations about race and identity: Code Switch

Can’t stop building stuff?: Making It

If you love a good story told live: The Moth*

Interested in conversations on mental health… with laughs? The Hilarious World of Depression*

*May contain strong language

And a few we’ve heard good things about:

Can’t get enough storytelling: Dark Tome

Sports lovers: 30 for 30

Marketing nerds: Copyblogger FM

Business managers: HBR IdeaCast

Make your crazy idea seem less crazy: The First Podcast

What are you most excited to listen to this year?

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