Quench Your App-etite

Posted October 21, 2016 by swimcreative

With over 2,000,000 apps at our fingertips as of June 2016, it’s no wonder this time is being called the App Era (okay, we just made that up, but dang—it’s catchy). And since that calculation, who knows how many have been added. We do know that we enjoy the app life. Especially when they’re helping us work, play and live.


In the working world, we look to these guys to make our lives easier.


Useful and entertaining apps? Yes, please.


We’re definitely lacking in apps specifically for Duluth, but here were some dreams from our team.

  • An app that would report trail conditions.
  • An app telling you’ll be able to see the sunrise this morning.
  • An app that warns you 30 mins in advance of a boat coming in. #unbridged
  • Where in Duluth is the parking meter guy? app.
  • A map app that lists all the places currently on happy hour.
  • A local wildlife spotting app. (Looking at you, moose in Lester.)
  • Fantasy football app that rewards you with coupons to local bars each time you win a game/score so many points. The app can sell ad space to the sponsoring bars and the app users get rewards for participating. Everyone wins.

P.S. How do we not have Uber in Duluth yet? At least there’s some hope in this department.

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