Showcase: The Resort Renter’s Manual

Posted January 14, 2016 by swimcreative

You may recall our post about The Resort on Caribou Lake’s new logo and website. In case you need a refresher, the owners of this gorgeous lakefront property “up north” enlisted Swim’s expertise to craft a brand identity and site. The goal was to accurately capture the beauty and natural feel of this four bedroom, four bathroom “cabin”—if you can call it that.

Here’s the website’s homepage.


For the next phase in this branding process, Swim was tasked with designing a renter’s manual of sorts. Typically, a renter’s manual is straightforward and a little snoozy. But, The Resort is not like other rentals, so this manual had to reflect that. To continue the feel we’d established online, we crafted this book to feel more like a coffee table book and less like a set of instructions.


We started by creating hand-drawn illustrations and mandala patterns to convey key messages throughout the book. This printed piece would live at The Resort on Caribou Lake, so it needed to give a welcoming introduction to the property, provide descriptions of each room, information on how to use the various amenities, instructions on where essential items can be found, a nice map of the lake and a friendly reminder to pick up after your pup.

resort_welcome_pageTo help us give this piece the thoughtful details it deserves, we partnered with Anna Doherty for her handmade paper and binding expertise. Anna is a paper and book artist out of Minneapolis, and a joy to work with.


Check out the full piece for yourself here—or when you book a stay.




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