A to Branded: The Swim Branding Process

Posted December 12, 2017 by swimcreative

You’ve got ideas. They’re swirling around in your head. Keeping you up at night. You know what you want your brand to be, kind of. You need someone else to connect all the dots, and help reveal the bigger picture. That’s where Swim comes in. From initial conversations to entire campaigns, here’s how we take you from A to Branded.  

Discovery Session & Research

First, we sit down with you and your company’s stakeholders and go through a series of questions. This usually takes about four to five hours and gives you and your team a chance to put words to your ideas. After our meeting, we sift through our transcription of the conversation and whittle it into a concise document outlining your company’s purpose, values, messaging and brand promise.


Our designers dive into your branding doc, take it all in and then start sketching logo ideas. We don’t just create one logo. We design logo upon logo upon logo. We cover our walls, critique them and start voting designs off the wall until we’re left with three to five. Then, we present these logos to you in a snappy presentation.

Brand Guidelines

You’ve picked your logo, now it’s time to create a world around it. We develop a color palette, vertical and horizontal logo types, and other details we obsess over so you don’t have to.


Media Plan

You’ve got the world at your fingertips. You can do anything. Traditional, digital, experiential, or a mix of all three. Before crafting our media plan, we look back at your branding doc and examine your target market. Here, we can do even more research on them until we’ve gotten as specific as possible on who your target audience is. Based on our research, we drum up a list of the most relevant media platforms.


Based on your new brand, we brainstorm several creative campaign concepts. What idea will inspire the right emotions and responses you want from your audience? We present these ideas to you, and you get to choose which fits your brand best. We try our best to avoid combining certain parts from each concept. This is what we call “Frankensteining,” and trust us, it’s not pretty. (This also applies to logos, too.)

Once you select a concept, we start creating all the elements of the campaign.

Analytics & Testing

Our digital team is a tad bit obsessed with numbers, impressions and leads. Which is great for you (and your ROI). For every digital component of your campaign, we set up analytics to track how things are going. Based off of the initial results, we dig in and make tweaks. Pulling in more viewers and boosting leads as the campaign progresses.

If you’re interested in learning more about our process, feel free to ask us any questions.

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  1. Very much Informative. I love your blogs and already a follower of it. I think that when it comes to Branding so it’s very necessary for new business to have a Branding that perfectly resembles their business xand a complete Branding solution to connect with its consumers.

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