Swim Creative Becomes Google Partner

Posted June 18, 2014 by Swim Creative Staff

DULUTH – Swim Creative, a Duluth-based creative think tank, has successfully gained its Google Partner certification.

By receiving this certificate, Swim Creative has proven its expertise in Google AdWords: a form of online advertising that appears when people search on Google and its partner websites. This will enable Swim to stay connected to the most up-to-date insights and marketing resources from the largest search engine in the world. While AdWords accounts are openly available, Google Partners have had to take rigorous tests and have been taught the ins and outs of facets such as conversion optimizer and advanced reporting.

Since its launch in 2000, Google AdWords, has grown from 350 customers to over 1.2 million. The tool allows businesses to bid on keywords and advertise on the best piece of search engine real estate out there, along with many other Google partner websites. Google Partners regulate daily budgets and optimize keywords to make sure campaigns are successful. While customers only pay when someone clicks on their ad, a factor like quality score can play a big part in which users see the ads and where the ad is placed in search results.

“The key to using this platform well is consistent research and optimization,” said Amber Ooley, Swim Creative’s Media Strategist. “When used properly, Google AdWords has been very profitable for both big and small companies alike.”

“Since the training, we are more equipped to create effective online campaigns that fully optimize clients’ budgets,” said Patrice Bradley, Swim Creative’s CEO.

Swim Creative is an advertising and branding creative think tank located in the Creative Quarter of Downtown Duluth, Minnesota. With a healthy mix of veteran leadership and first-generation digital natives, Swim creates compelling brands and campaigns that draw attention and shift boundaries.

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