Swim Wins the Lottery

Posted January 15, 2016 by swimcreative

This blog post is brought to you by Jenna Kowaleski, account manager.

We’re excited to announce that the Swim Creative office pool won the lottery Wednesday night! That’s right. We are all getting a slice of that $1.5 billion dollar jackpot pie.

Well, a tiny slice.

We pooled our resources, bought 72 tickets and won an astounding $16. Split ten ways, that will get us all that much closer to retirement—if we save it wisely. However, our 401ks aren’t exactly what our excited staff have in mind. Here’s how our team dreams of spending their overnight windfall of $1.68.

Some of us continue to be addicted to the thrill of winning, “I’m taking the money to the casino,” David said. “I’m going to sit down at a blackjack table, and I’m not going to leave until it turns into $1.5 billion I was waiting for.”

Others are seeking a different type of jolt, with Pete, Max and Taylor opting to spend their winnings on a cup of coffee. While we all prefer buying local, they’ve conceded that they may need to consider gas station coffee just this time to stay on budget.

Our Office Manager, Kevin, volunteered to drive them there, and pick up a Wrigley’s gum value pack while he’s there.

While some of us were only in it for ourselves, others on our team are in it with the group mentality. We did, after all, win as a team.

“Let’s get a 12 pack of Miller,” was the first suggestion to come from our CEO, Patrice. We should undoubtedly celebrate our good luck. Cody took this budding party to the next level, suggesting that we combine our winnings to get a thirty pack of Hamms. “Then we each would get three!”

Talyn, meanwhile, cashed her earnings in for quarters, and played parking-meter angel for some lucky souls on Superior Street. You’ll get ‘em next time, Parking Meter Monitor.

And me? Well, let’s just say that at an interest rate of 3% over the next 50 years I’ll have enough to enjoy an Early Bird dinner in my sunset years at Denny’s, pending inflation.


How did you fare with the biggest jackpot in history? What will you be doing with your winnings?

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