Taking Strategy to Heart: St. Luke’s Regional Heart Center

Posted August 18, 2016 by swimcreative

Your heart beats an astounding 100,000 times a day. But when something goes wrong, St. Luke’s steps in. If you’re not impressed by St. Luke’s integrated team, advanced technology and compassionate care, check out the shiny new award from the American Heart Association for STEMI care.

Now, all St. Luke’s needed to do was convey all those awesome things to the world. Time for a brainstorm huddle with Swim.

After inspecting the situation we composed a simple strategy: When it comes to heart and vascular care, St. Luke’s is the best choice. Video, print and digital followed, all working together to portray this message across the region. We spent a week with St. Luke’s doctors capturing their process and philosophy through video. The resulting commercials made their debuts during the Olympics.

Now St. Luke’s isn’t just saving hearts, it’s capturing them.


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