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A million (or 51) reasons we’re thankful for our office manager, Kevin Cain.

It’s Thanksgiving week. Meaning, it’s time to say what we’re thankful for. We asked around the office, and one thing kept rising to the top: Kevin Cain. It seemed overdue that we dedicate an entire post on why we’re thankful for The Cain Brain, aka the Cain-ger Zone, aka Raising Cain’s, aka the King of Cains, aka Michael Cain, aka the Superior Police Department Cain-ine Unit.

Here it goes. We’re thankful for Kevin because:

  1. He keeps us on task. Take that, Basecamp notifications!
  2. He makes a mean bowl of popcorn
  3. He writes the best emails about the dullest of topics           
  4. He makes keeping up with our timesheets actually kind of fun. We’re all proud members of the Time Sheet Super Stars. (See email above)
  5. He’s more creative than he gives himself credit for (See email above)
  6. His love of Star Wars
  7. His knowledge of Star Wars
  8. His dedication to Star Wars, aka taking off the latest Star Wars opening day over 2 years early
  9. His colorful conversations with telemarketers who don’t take, “No thanks,” for an answer
  10. He keeps the beer, La Croix and coffee stocked
  11. He keeps the office looking presentable
  12. He takes out the garbage and recycling
  13. He knows what can be recycled and what can’t
  14. He’s got an awesome sense of humor
  15. He puts up with us                                                                                                                                     
  16. He’s the go-to guy for life advice
  17. He’s a stealthy mouse catcher
  18. He stands up for Superior, WI
  19. He’d do anything for his kids
  20. He gets us back on topic during squirrel moments
  21. He works hard but knows how to have fun
  22. He’s saved every email. Seriously, every one.
  23. He is a doppelganger to the greatest used hot tub salesmen in the greater Twin Ports area
  24. His willingness to help with whatever’s needed
  25. He’s patient
  26. He’s super nice
  27. He’s smart
  28. He’s genuine
  29. He’s flawed
  30. He’s funny
  31. He’s honest
  32. He’s a saint in disguise
    1. One time at lunch, Kevin paid for a veteran’s lunch and tried to be discreet. The man found out it was Kevin and came over. All Kevin had to say was “Thank you for your service.”
    2. “In the worst time of my life, Kevin introduced me to Buddhist principles and it got me through some tough times.”
  33. “If Kevin quits, I quit.”
  34. He fills the meters for us when we forget
  35. His love of the Thirsty Pagan
  36. He’s a great dad
  37. His harsh exterior that we all know is a cover for how nice he actually is
  38. His party planning skills (St. Patrick’s Day, holidays, you name it, he’s planned it)
  39. He is just weird enough to make him interesting
  40. He’s dedicated and loyal
  41. He gives small things a fun spin                                                                                       
  42. He’s a former member of the U.S. Army. Thanks for your service!
  43. He appreciates the people he works with and is proud of the work we do at Swim
  44. He makes us bacon                                                                                                                                   
  45. He keeps us in line
  46. He ends every email and most conversations with snark
  47. He gives good financial advice (starting with the disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor)
  48. He knows about life before cell phones, the internet and Facebook including things like cassette tapes. Also, he knows who Eddie the Head is.
  49. He’d lend you his car — and has
  50. He speaks printer
  51. Kevin is always there when you need him!

We could go on, but now it’s your turn. Tell the world why you’re thankful for Kevin Cain using #ThankYouKevin.

2 thoughts on “#ThankYouKevin

  1. He trained me and dealt with sitting next to me for 14 months

  2. First off, this is awesome! It’s great seeing someone’s hard work and dedication recognized. Kevin is wonderful to work with and is always on top of every project. He’s the go-to guy! #ThankYouKevin

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