5 Reasons We’re Thankful For Duluth

Posted November 25, 2014 by swimcreative

Well, the season of “Thanks” is upon us and it’s time to chow down and show appreciation to all of those amazing people in our lives. It’s also the perfect time to show gratitude to our Zenith City.

Duluth is amazing because…

1. The Beer
From Bent Paddle to Fitger’s, we’ve got seven craft breweries within a two-mile radius. Three of these microbreweries have a view of Lake Superior (its water is a key ingredient in making our beer better than yours).

2. Duluth Coffee Company
It’s the little things in life, especially the smell of freshly ground coffee and an ambiance of a noisy, red roaster that makes our day that much better–and easier to stay awake.

3. Big Apple Bagels
Ok, so we know this isn’t in Duluth, but their bagels are just so darn tasty. It’s on our New Year’s resolution list to get a second location within our city limits. Keep an eye out for the petition.

4. Lake Superior
From our office, it takes 2 minutes and 47 seconds to walk to the largest freshwater lake in the world. It also takes another five minutes to actually get in it because 42℉ is its average surface temp. That doesn’t stop us from swimming, surfing and paddleboarding (SUP) throughout the year.

5. Outside Magazine’s Greatest City in the World 2014
Ok, so it’s only been named the Best Town in America, but we digress. Apparently, we’re not the only ones that are grateful to live here.

This list is barely scratching the surface on why Duluth is so sweet. So, raise a turkey leg and enjoy your friends & family this holiday season. But first, we’d like to hear your toast to the City on the Hill.

Why are you thankful to live and work in Duluth? Share your comment below.

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