The Cabin That YouTube Built

Posted May 12, 2021 by swimcreativeinteractive services blog

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A few years ago, my buddy built a cabin northwest of Solon Springs, Wisconsin. It was, quite literally, “The Cabin That YouTube Built.” He basically built the cabin himself by referencing YouTube during every step of the process. It was hilarious. I gave him a hard time about that. Still do, in fact. But if you think about it, that’s kind of how we all do things, right? 


I recently wanted to replace the socket and cord in an old lamp. I searched online for a socket and cord, found the one I wanted and purchased it (I should note that I needed another part and went to my local hardware store).


When the socket and cord arrived, I searched for instructions on how to install it. To make sure I did it right, I searched for the proper way to make the hot and neutral connections. There are twenty-six entries in my search history related to fixing a lamp. Twenty-six! To put a cord in a lamp! 


I want you to think about that. If you want to know something, you search. If you want to buy something, you search. Fix something, search. Cook something, search. Sure, there are those that will say they don’t do it all the time but you get the point.


Want to figure out how to change the headlamp in a 2008 sedan? And how to install it? Search. Trust me, it will still require you to spend an entire day tearing apart the engine and putting it back together again. Curious about the best remedy for bloody knuckles? Search. How to get grease stains out of your shirt? Search. Learn a new curse word? Search. Grab a beer? Well, that just requires a search in the refrigerator. But if, while you’re drinking that beer, you are interested in session IPAs? Search.


I say all of this because you are likely a person that searches for information. Sometimes you see an ad or an email that interests you, so you click for more information. In short, you are online.


If you own a business or manage a marketing department, your customers are online. Searching. Day and night. From work, from the toilet, from bed. Searching, searching, searching. Clicking, swiping, tapping. You need to be there for them. You need to help them find what they are looking for. You want them to find your product and service and you want them to feel great about it because you gave them answers and helped solve problems. Your digital strategy needs to be moved from the murky middle of your to-do list to the top.


Chances are you searched, “How to do digital marketing?” Or, “How to make a digital marketing plan?” Or, “What is digital marketing?” Or, “How do you measure digital marketing?” Or, “What’s the best creative for digital marketing?” Or, “How does my website work with a digital plan?” Well, guess what…we will make it easy on you.

Click here and let’s get started doing what you should have done a long time ago.

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