The Can That Could: Thoughtful Design Complements a Rocketing Beer

Posted July 14, 2014 by swimcreative

The rise of the Bent Paddle Brewing Co. is no accident. Three years of planning led to the product found today flying off regional liquor store shelves and pouring by the kegs at bars and restaurants. A word often used by the brewery owners is “intention.” They laid out a mission and went to it.

One aspect of the phenomenal rise is the look of the cans that hold the Bent Paddle brands. It’s a design that is carried out throughout the marketing operation, which includes detailed instructions on how each design element is used in promoting Bent Paddle.

Bent Paddle called on Duluth business marketing agency Swim Creative for help with the branding. David Sadowski, a Swim partner and the director of brand strategies, said doing a can design was “like Christmas” at the agency. “It’s always fun to do beer.”

The News Tribune sat down with the Swim team and the owners at Bent Paddle to talk about the process that led to the distinctive cans.

Read the full article via The Can That Could: Bent Paddle Makes a Splash with Beer and Packaging | Duluth News Tribune 


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