Does #TheDress Fit? The Importance of Social Strategy.

Posted March 9, 2015 by Swim Creative Staff

Unless you were on vacation in Antarctica last week you heard about “The Dress.” To some it appeared black and blue, to others gold and white. To many it was a huge waste of time. Whatever your opinion, the debate garnered major attention across social media, the news and water cooler discussion.

We thought the whole thing was done and settled, but then ads started to appear featuring The Dress. This time, the topic of discussion represented something bigger. It wasn’t just a debate about a dress color anymore, it was about raising awareness for victims of domestic abuse.

Here’s the ad:


Gaining online momentum takes more than just capitalizing on some trending hashtag. You have to be smart and use it in a way that compellingly furthers your brand’s main message.

Many brands have earned severe backlash for poor use of social media. The Salvation Army’s ad was brilliant because it utilized pop culture and an issue their brand stands behind.

To make sure your social media works for your brand, here are three basic tips:

1) Calendarize your content

Stay organized with scheduled posts, but leave room for flexibility. Keep in mind your target audiences: when they’re online, what their interests are and the type of content they engage most with (photos, videos, links, etc.).

2) Stay on top of trends

Follow industry leaders, blogs and websites to learn what’s going on in the world that affects your brand and your advocates. Then, share it and hold a discussion with an audience that truly cares about it.

3) Stick to your strategy

If there’s no strategy, what’s the point? Whether it’s planned or last-minute, always ask yourself, “does this fit the brand?” If the answer is no, it’s simple, don’t post it.

We hope you enjoyed this post. For more questions on social media, give us a call.

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