The Only 2015 Top 10 List You Need

Posted December 15, 2015 by swimcreativetop_10_list

It’s holiday season, which also means it’s Top 10 List season. Each year, you get quite the range, from the expected Best Albums of 2015 lists to the “What am I doing with my time?” Craziest Celebrity Baby Names of 2015 (Kanye and Kim win—again).

Instead of making you wade through the lists on lists popping up all over, we’ve perused and picked out the most marketing-relevant ones. Yeah, some of them aren’t top 10, some of them aren’t even lists, but they all tell us the important story of how advertising, culture and technology transformed in 2015.

Welcome to Swim Creative’s Top 10 List of Lists. Happy reading, watching and consuming.

  1. The 24 Digital Brands, Startups and Games That Defined 2015
  2. Communication Arts Advertising Annual
  3. Top Twitter Stories in 2015
  4. Best Ads of 2015
  5. Top Content Trends of 2015
  6. How the Top Ad Blockers Stack Up
  7. Most Viewed YouTube Videos of 2015
  8. Breakthrough Technology in 2015
  9. World’s Best Awards 2015
  10. Top 10 Emojis on Twitter in 2015

Are there any we missed?

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