The Quest is On

Posted February 25, 2016 by swimcreativequest_blog_image

The Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra (DSSO) wanted to do something extra special to promote their upcoming Gods & Myths concert. The night focuses on a condensed version of the epic opera, The Ring of Nibelung. Using narration and music, the orchestra will tell the tale of the “one ring” (yeah, this is the ring that inspired The Lord of the Rings) and the gods, trolls and mortals who interacted with it.

To get new and old audience members excited about the epic story and music, the Swim Team decided a treasure hunt would do just the trick.

Every hidden item was an important element in The Ring of NIbelung story and every riddle revealed a little more of the tale. Prizes included concert tickets and nights out with a grand prize of a gold ring from Security Jewelers, and hunters had to interact with the Box Office or DSSO social media pages to enter. During the first two weeks of the hunt, Facebook likes increased by 2% and the news paid DSSO a visit for a boost in visibility.

Speaking of which, the DSSO Quest is still on. If you want to join, click here to find the latest riddle and rules.

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