Thinking Inside the Box

Posted March 15, 2016 by swimcreative

There is a boatload of subscription boxes these days. Seriously, everyone from your shih tzu to your tank-loving bro neighbor has one. The only one missing? The agency box, brimming full of items every creative studio needs to survive.

Every month you’ll receive a box perfect for certain agency events or survival kits for days of the week (here’s glaring at you, Monday). Every box is backed by a “completely unnecessary” guarantee.

Here’s a nice little preview of Inside the Box, Swim’s very own subscription box service specifically designed for ad agencies.

Monday Box

Everyone knows Mondays ARE THE WORST. Everyone’s super tired from their crazy weekend parties (or binging on Netflix) and your email/Basecamp/inbox/Trello has exploded. You can see smoke coming from the side of your computer, it’s that bad. Luckily, you’ve also just received box #1 in the mail, full of Monday Blues-abolishing goodies. There are gourmet coffee beans ready to roast, energy-full granola bars and the link to a pump-up Spotify list ready to lift your spirits. If that doesn’t do it for you, we’ve also included a Book O’ Compliments, to remind you of how awesome you are, and a 4 o’clock treat of your choosing.

Client Box

The clients are coming in, clean everything! Oh wait, they’re just Skyping in. But that doesn’t mean they can’t see those sweat marks forming under your arms. What’s this? Box #2 has arrived just in time. Inside lies deodorant, breath mints, a clip-on tie and even some teeth whiteners. Look a little bit deeper and you’ll find some impressive, already-made artisanal coffee that, no matter its temperature, has cozy steam rising from it, ensuring even video conferencing clients wish they were talking to you in person.

Launch Box

The client loved you enough to entrust you with their campaign, and it’s go time. Meaning no one’s leaving the office all week. Just before everyone gets in a heated argument about who gets the couch, box #3 finds its way to your feet. Folded neatly inside are an array of warm sleeping bags, noise-killing earplugs, sleep masks and calm-inducing coloring books. One lucky subscriber will even find a business card for a local masseuse in their box. This box even doubles as a punching bag when stress levels overtake common sense. An agency favorite.

Happy Hour Box

You’ve put in the work, now reap the rewards. Everything in this box says, “Party!” An array of cocktails, brews, tonics and PBR await your team after round #18 has been approved and sent off. This box is filled with unhealthy-but-you-deserve-it apps, a pay raise and a personal thank you for your hard work recorded by Morgan Freeman. To really keep the mood fun, the latest version of Cards Against Humanity and Agency Catan are included. Box can be transformed into an awesome bar.

These four boxes are just the beginning of lifelong* subscription love. Every month, you’ll discover another item you never knew you needed. For the small price of $100 a month, you’ll keep your creative team happy and your mailman busy. To sign up, give Swim Creative a call at 218-722-1404.

*Subscriptions cannot be canceled.

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