Top 14 Takeaways from #ZENITH2014

Posted May 23, 2014 by Swim Creative Staff

#1 Bring the wine (or the beer). Be the favorite person.

  • Wine = Resources

#2 Be human. Thank often. Love your consumer.

#3 Imperfection is the new perfection

  • Be transparent

#4 Your brand loyalists are on social. Go hang out with them.

#5 Make sure your content is compatible on all devices

#6 Organic AND paid media are necessary

#7 Share images that are bold & emotional

#8 Video content is growing. By 2016:

  • There will be an 1800% increase in mobile traffic
  • 55% of all content will be video

#9 Target by demographics

  • Mother, homeowner, Brad Pitt fan – not 30-40 year olds

#10 To measure your social impact use the scientific method

  • Treat it like an ongoing experiment

#11 Write the tweet for the RT

  • Get the domino effect w/ valuable content & a personal connection

#12 ALWAYS monitor comments

  • Show people that you’re listening

#13 Focus on the platforms that are useful to you

#14 Campaigns are still here, but they are more holistic than ever before

  • Great ideas can be executed on many platforms

If we had to sum it all up in 140 characters or less, this is what we’d say:

Zenith Tweet


Cool Tools to Explore:

Tweet Deck (we totally used this during Zenith)
Power Editor
Rebel Mouse

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