5 Reasons To Get Away

Posted February 20, 2015 by Swim Creative Staff

Agency life is awesome… most of the time. But, sometimes you just need to get away, rejuvenate and do a 180 perspective change. Well, you don’t get much more 180 than Guam. A tiny little island about 20 hours of flight time away from Duluth, Minnesota. This is where I found myself the first week of February.  During this trip, I tried new things, got off my phone for a week and just lived.

It was refreshing. And, it was fabulous.

Here are just a few reasons you should call your travel agent and book a getaway ASAP.


Tastes. Sights. Sounds. You name it. Get off your phone, awaken the senses and try something new. Traveling allows, sometimes forces, us to break out of our shell and experience new things.


Google recently shared a statistic that 45% of people, if given the choice between a smartphone and vacation time, they would choose their smartphone.


To be able to say you’ve been across the world, and seen some things, that’s a great resource to your employer. People who travel tend to embrace change more naturally and are able to overcome problems others may not be open to.

As a traveler, you probably have a few of these skills:

  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork
  • Open Mindedness

These translate well to the resume.


IMG_3191It’s good for the mind, especially if you’re in a creative industry.

“Vacation should be really defined as a time when we can really turn off…and just relax and have fun,” says Robert R. Butterworth, a Los Angeles psychologist with International Trauma Associates, quoted on abc.com. Workers in creative fields especially need the opportunity to recharge their batteries.

“If you have a job that’s very creative and you don’t take time off you hit a wall and you need a change. The break will allow you to refresh your brain cells,” explains Butterworth.


When traveling with friends, family or your significant other, you’re guaranteed to add a few things to the memory books.

Psychology expert, Susan Krauss Whitbourne said, “Though family vacations can have their own share of stress, the benefits outweigh the risks, even in families that are not particularly close.”

Culture + Education

Yes, traveling is always a good excuse to put on your nerd hat and soak in some history of new places and cultures.


There’s never going to be the perfect time to go away, but a survey by the U.S. Travel Association found that four out of ten Americans aren’t going to take all of their vacation days. Why? Because they’re not exactly enthusiastic about the work they’ll find on their desk when they return, the survey found.

Even though America’s known as the “no-vacation nation,” a new Nielsen poll commissioned by Diamond Resorts International finds that 71 percent of American workers who regularly take vacations are satisfied with their jobs. Among those who don’t, only 46 percent are satisfied.

Now that you’ve got travel on your mind, share the coolest place you’ve been OR the number one place on your bucket list.

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