9 Ways To Refocus & Push Past The Work-day Wall

By swimcreativerefocus-lens

You look up. It’s 2:55 pm. You’ve hit a wall.

The same as the last time you looked. You could work on the Quarterly Report, but your focus has dissipated, leaving a slush pile where your brain used to be. Usually, you’re firing on all cylinders all day long.

But not today.

Here are some solutions to get your creative juices flowing again.

Find a Snack
Sometimes all you need are a few calories. Try keeping a snack or two at your desk. The healthier the better. We love Kind bars and popcorn, but if Tagalongs are your magic ticket, go for it!

Stop & Stretch

It’s amazing what a little movement can do. It wakes you up, re-energizes your brain and gets your blood rushing. If you can, try and step outside to stretch. Vitamin D, please.


No need to force yourself. Instead, watch a funny video or pay a visit to The Onion. An Australian study found that watching a funny video increases productivity.

Make a To-Do List

Are you unfocused because you’re worried about everything you have to do after work? Take a five-minute breather and write down all your to-dos. Enter it into your phone so you don’t forget and dive back into work, calm and collected.

Drink Break

Sometimes a cold one is just the ticket. The walk to the office watering hole can also help you clear your brain. (Coffee is considered flavored H2O, right?)


No need to break out the yoga mat. Just close your eyes for a second, throw on some calm music and just focus on your breathing. Don’t mind your co-workers’ stares, they’ll be copying you soon enough.


Re-engage your brain with a puzzle or crossword. It doesn’t have to be super hard, just something that tilts your brain. We suggest the New York Times mini-crossword puzzle.

Mindless Task

If your brain is set to mush, do a mindless task like cleaning your desk.

Start a Conversation

Sometimes, every so often, on just the right day, you can drop a conversation starter and enlist others into your ambitionless state. Together, you can chit-chat from one topic to another.

What? It’s five to five. Where did the time go?


Back on track?

We hope these suggestions powered you through the last hours of your day.

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