St. Luke’s: The Day They Were Born

Posted March 4, 2020 by swimcreative

Who says healthcare marketing needs to be boring? Say you’re St. Luke’s Birthing Center, and you’re looking to capture more of the market share. Do you cue the violins and show some babies cooing in slow-mo? No. Because you’re St. Luke’s and you work with Swim. We interviewed 20 kids, all of whom were born at St. Luke’s. We let their imaginations run wild as they did their best to remember the day they were born. Then we dropped it all on a target market unprepared for all this cuteness and hilarity. And, boys and girls, that’s how a viral campaign is born.

Social Videos and TV Spots

The highlight of the campaign featured fourteen social videos assembled from nearly 20 interviews with kids who were born at St. Luke’s, 3 of which became 30-second TV spots.


“Where Were You Born?” – TV and Social


“How Old Were You When You Were Born?” – TV and Social


“The Day George Was Born” – TV and Social



To translate the energy and imagination of their videos to outdoor, we captured engaging images of kids mid-story, and then created original drawings reminiscent of children’s books to illustrate their memories.


Billboard featuring a young girl excited, it says They won't remember the day they were born, but you will



Billboard featuring Nadine


The external campaign directed the audience to a custom landing page, where they could view all the stories, hear the true stories from moms, and learn more about the care, expertise and amenities St Luke’s offers.


St. Luke's Birthing Center websit mockups on iPads and mobile phones

Virtual Birthing Center Tour

George, the breakout star of the campaign, returned to show viewers around the Birthing Center. Tour highlights included a birthing suite complete with a tub, mini fridge and a bed that is “super comfortable.”



Using two of the campaign’s most imaginative stories, we cut 30-second radio versions that captured the fun, energy and humor of the social videos.