You know you’re a Duluthian when…

Posted February 25, 2015 by swimcreative

Most people picture Duluth as an arctic wasteland. We are often asked specifically, “how’s it going up there?” (in thick Minnesotan aunt accent). To be honest, it’s not that different from anywhere else in Minnesota. But, if we had to differentiate ourselves, here are the tell-tale signs of true Duluthians:

  • You own at least three flannels
  • You consider one day of -15℉ weather a godsend
  • You took part in the Outside Magazine‘s “Best Town Ever” contest
  • You don’t associate Ness with a Scottish monster
  • You’ve hiked on the Superior Hiking Trail unintentionally
  • Your cover photo is of Lake Superior
  • You’re not surprised by a May blizzard
  • Your dream car has all-wheel drive
  • You have two seasons: college student and tourist. Winter lasts about as long as college season.
  • You’ve seen Iron Will numerous times
  • You wear shorts when it’s 20℉ outside
  • You’ve met Charlie Parr
  • You watch the TV series, Fargo, and have to comment about the Duluth scenes being shot in Canada
  • You have a flood story
  • You know the story they don’t tell at Glensheen

What would you add to this list? 

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