Get Your Brand Ready for the New Normal

By David Sadowski

If there is any good to come out of this Covid-19 pandemic it is this: now you have the time to pause, reflect on your brand and plan for where it will be when we get to the other side. 


Notice that I didn’t write “when things get back to normal.” Because they aren’t going to. The world is going to be a different place, maybe for the better. Take this time, then, to push the reset button and make a plan for how you will change with the future. Here are the steps you can follow today to make sure your business is ready tomorrow.


Reflect on the past

One thing you currently have plenty of is time. Take a step back and think about what you always imagined your brand to be. During this time, take a look at your policies, processes and marketing. See what might have gone off track in terms of your brand. Then make the necessary changes to get your brand back in alignment.

It’s time to accept remote working. Businesses and employees will get used to this new way of working and embrace the efficiencies that it brings. Take a look at your remote working policies to enable this capability. This way, you will be able to retain talent and attract talent, and perhaps open avenues for new talent pools in other markets.

By having your staff work remotely, it is going to force your team to be more creative in the ways they execute their job. Be flexible. Allow your team to be able to do what it takes to get the job done.

In terms of marketing, now is not the time to hard sell. Take a step back and be understanding of your customers. The worst thing you can do at this time is to come off as tone deaf and disassociated with your market.


Adapt to the present

During this time, you need to think about how you can engage with your customers while the world is practicing social distancing. Figure out a way to continue to communicate with your customers and demonstrate how you bring value to their lives during this isolation period. 

Utilize your email list and social media outlets to share how you can help them in this time of crisis. Video will play an even bigger role as it allows you to provide information about your business quickly through these channels, as well as work with clients in a way that’s as close to face-to-face as possible. That means you should also take the time to become skilled at video conference technology and make sure the background of your videos look professional..

Socially, share ways to make life go by easier as we shelter in place. From there adapt your product, services or your messaging and services to fit your customer’s lives now. For example, if you are running a tap house, perhaps you can create homebrew kits that help people take on a new hobby while they shelter in place.


Plan for the future

During the recovery period, people and businesses will still be trying to rebound from the financial hit everyone is taking. Help your customers understand how they can save money or how your product can help them save money. Look for ways to keep your costs down so you can pass those savings on to your customers.

Continue to embrace creative thinking in your business. The world will be a different place and it will be difficult to predict all of the changes that lie before us. Customers will come to you with new challenges and you have to be able to adjust to those changes.


We’re here to help

The world will be a different place in a few short months. We at Swim have already begun to make plans to provide the best creative possible while adjusting to the new normal. With that, we are also here to help you make those changes. Just reach out to us at and we’ll provide free consultation to help you plan for your new future. No strings. We’d be honored to help.

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